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Celebrating Legacy and Art at Beals Preserve: Art on the Trails 2024

Art on the Trails 2024
Queen Anne’s Lace, Gints Grinbergs | Stainless steel, found objects

The Southborough Open Land Foundation is excited to announce the 8th annual Art on the Trails exhibition, set to commence with a captivating day of art installations on June 15, 2024, at Beals Preserve in Southborough, MA. This year, the event is themed "Legacy," dedicated to celebrating the enduring contributions of Whitney Beals, the late president of the Southborough Open Land Foundation.

From 10 am to 5 pm, the public is invited to witness thirteen artists from diverse backgrounds and regions as they install their sculptural works, transforming the Preserve into a dynamic space of creativity and remembrance. This juried exhibition, curated by Marie Craig, a respected gallerist and artist from Fountain Street Fine Art, showcases works that echo the profound impact of nature and commemorate the visionary spirit of Whitney Beals.

Artists such as Sarah Alexander, Pam Bonaguide, and Chelsea Bradway, among others, will present their unique interpretations of this year's theme, ensuring a diverse and inspiring collection. These installations will not only enhance the natural beauty of Beals Preserve but also serve as a focal point for community engagement and artistic expression until September 15th.

In addition to the visual feast, the program is enriched by a poetic dimension, with poetry responding to the artworks, curated by Maura Snell and Welsh writer Adele Evershed selecting a prize-winning poem. This integration of poetry and sculpture creates a multi-sensory experience that deepens the connection between art, nature, and community legacy.

Supporting this event are several local organizations, including the Southborough Community Fund and prominent local businesses, all united in fostering a rich cultural environment in Southborough. Their collective efforts highlight the importance of community, art, and nature in creating a lasting legacy that honors past leaders like Whitney Beals.

For more information about the event, to view a map of the installations, or to plan your visit, please go to This is a unique opportunity to engage with local art in a setting that celebrates both artistic innovation and the natural environment. Don't miss the chance to be part of this special tribute and to see how art can play a pivotal role in remembering and honoring those who have left a significant mark on our communities.

We look forward to experiencing the Beals Preserve on June 15 for a day of art, legacy, and community spirit.

Olympia, Molly Dee | Foam, Plaster, wood epoxy, acrylic and spray paint, marine varnish
Olympia, Molly Dee | Foam, Plaster, wood epoxy, acrylic and spray paint, marine varnish


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