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Fresh Faces: Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s Showcase of Emerging Artists

Boston’s art scene is constantly evolving, with new talent emerging every year. The Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in the SoWa Arts District is celebrating this fresh talent with its fifth annual Fresh Faces show, featuring works by some of the Northeast’s most promising student artists.

The exhibition includes 30 artists working in a variety of styles and media, from painting and sculpture to photography and mixed media. Each artist brings their own unique perspective and artistic vision, creating a diverse and engaging show.

One of the standout pieces in the exhibition is Josue Bessiake’s L’homme, a stunning work that showcases the artist’s mastery of figurative painting. The complex and contemplative scene features a man seated, his expression pensive and introspective. The use of light and shadow adds depth and emotion to the piece, drawing the viewer in and inviting them to contemplate the subject’s thoughts and feelings.

Another captivating work in the show is Boston-Based artist Brianna Howard’s dark etching titled Proximity. Proximity is a haunting image that captures the viewer’s attention with its intricacy and mysterious subject matter. The piece’s striking use of lightness and darkness creates a sense of depth and atmosphere, drawing the viewer into a world of shadowy intrigue.

The exhibition also includes works that push the boundaries of traditional media, such as Virginia Cannella’s hand-tufted yarn on tobacco cloth piece titled ‘Me crying in court’. This fascinating work of textile art holds a deeply expressive and emotive image. The piece’s tactile quality invites the viewer to touch and engage with the work, adding another layer of depth to the overall experience.

The Fresh Faces show is an excellent showcase of emerging artists, highlighting the incredible talent and creativity coming out of the Northeast’s art schools. The Abigail Ogilvy Gallery has done an excellent job curating this exhibition, selecting works that are visually engaging, conceptually intriguing, and technically impressive.

For those interested in discovering the next generation of art-school trained artists, the Fresh Faces show at the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is a must-see exhibition. The show runs until March 12th and is free and open to the public. With works that span a variety of styles and media, there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate in this showcase of emerging talent.


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