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Painting in the Boston Commons

The Boston Art Scene: The Boston Commons
The Boston Commons

The Boston Commons has long been a gathering place for the city's residents and visitors alike. From its early days as a shared pasture for grazing livestock to the modern green oasis it is today, the Commons has provided a respite from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city streets. Among those who flock to enjoy its sprawling lawns and shady tree-lined paths are artists seeking to capture the scenery with brush and canvas.

On any given sunny day, you'll find painters scattered throughout the park, easels set up to frame postcard-worthy views. The iconic foot bridge arching over the still pond makes for a popular subject, as does the grand statute of George Washington astride his horse. The ever-changing colors of the flowerbeds allow for delightfully vibrant still life studies.

For painters, the Commons offers not just aesthetic inspiration, but a sense of connectivity with the long tradition of open-air artists. Following in the footsteps of the Impressionist masters who ventured out of their studios to study light and atmosphere, today's Commons painters embrace the living canvas before them. The dappled shade, the cool breeze, the hum of pedestrians strolling by - it all blends into the experience.

Whether you are an accomplished artist or an amateur with a sketchpad, spending an afternoon painting at the Boston Commons enriches the relationship between creator and muse. The park seems to take on even more vitality when rendered through innumerable artistic perspectives. So grab your paints and claim a patch of lawn - the perfect scene awaits your brush.


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